Sunday, January 8, 2012

Artsee Time: Brown Sugar Scrub

Ooooh man, the epic failure that I am is just horrendous! I promised the Brown Sugar Scrub a few days ago and still have yet to deliver-- welll...

Here it is!

What you'll need:

Brown Sugar, White Sugar, Vanilla (Almond would be even better.. but this was all on hand stuff), Olive Oil,  a measuring type of contraption, a spoon and a jar or something for your scrub to go in.

This is the easiest thing in the world, literally.
Equal parts of the Sugars. I actually do a LITTLE less white sugar, but you don't have to.
Then you want to pour enough of the oil to lubricate your solution. I let mine run down slowly as seen here:

You will also add your vanilla/almond extract into it. This is primarily for smell.

Then you mix it up-- mine was a little too soupy, so I added a little more sugar!

Voila! Presto magic!!

I use this now instead of my much more expensive brown sugar scrub that I was getting at a local discount store (it closed, so this is probably a good thing that I have this now).

I do recommend when making it for yourself to keep your batches smaller. This will last me about 2 weeks.. and that's about as long as you'd want to keep it handy before ditching it.

The great thing about this is that it's completely natural, and if I had the money I would have used all farmer's market items-- but you know, we be broke 'round these parts-- so I buy generic instead :D

Enjoy this excellent gift to someone you love, or to yourself!!

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