Friday, January 4, 2013

FREE STUFF! I'm an Influenster... wanna know more?

I've been a member over at Influenster since March of last year, and while I haven't been the most active (I'm working on it... much like this blog!), I have been able to reap the benefits. I recently recieved a 'Holiday VoxBox', which is basically a box of goodies that I get to use, play with and keep... and it's been a really fun expierence. I've also had the chance to test out some household goods before as well. Why am I telling you this? Well... because it's FA FREE! It costs you nothing but time and some reviews... and it is SO worthwhile. You won't qualify for every box, but when you do it is literally like Christmas hit your mailbox!

So.. without wasting more of your time that you could be using to earn free stuff... here's a picture I snapped with Instagram of my Holiday box!

As far as reviewing things... I don't eat oatmeal, but I will be having a family member try that out for me. The EBoost energy powder is not good in my opinion... it just didn't taste right. The Quickstyle brush, I LOVE. I think it's great on dry hair, because it tames my frizz monster. I will be trying it on wet hair soon. The lipgloss is now a favorite of mine and the stick on nail stickers are AMAZING. You can see them the night after application below.

So... I suggest you get on with it and go sign up for Influenster RIGHT NOW! 

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