Monday, March 5, 2012

Man I got that swag: Swagbucks

I'm late on the train, I admit.. but I'm loving Swagbucks. It's nothing that happens instantly.. but I know that in a few days of casual searching I have earned a pretty exciting amount. I'll continue to save mine until I can do a usable giftcard.. but hey, its' a great side egg.
Search & Win Don't let it scare you away.. it's not a gimmick. It's got things you can do to enhance your earnings.. but I use it as my search engine.. and I win at least 3 times a day. So... go, now!

FashionistaDiva: A New Project

Hiya folks. 
So.. I've been gone awhile-- but you know, life happens.. so there's your reason. I've survived my kid's 7th ( sad face ) birthday.. and now that we're home and returning to normal I've got many things on the horizon! I've got a accessory swap coming up in a few weeks... and then next month is the REN FAIRE! This means too much work for me though :) I've got to make at the minimum 3 costumes.. one for my mother, one for my son, and of course.. I gotta look fly too.

On top of those things, I'm also in the process of job hunting for a part time job.. trying to go back to school.. and I'm working on a tshirt quilt for a friend of mine!

So basically-- because I don't have enough things going on.. I've decided to add one more. 

It's always something that has been interesting to me, and throughout my time working in the retail fashion industry.. it was always my favorite and most successful aspect of the job. 

I'm starting small, but I'm going to be styling for a portfolio soon... then I'll move into events. I *think* I'm going to go to school and get my cosmetology license.. then I can offer full-fledged makeovers!

I've got plans after that for film, which is my passion... but we're taking baby steps.. and these are the ones that are the easiest to transition to right now.


I'm going to be posting some outfits up online using polyvore-- so once I figure out how I'm going to do so (tumblr, etc).. I will put a post up as to where you can find the samples! :)