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Hi Guys! So.. the name's Ashley. I'm the single mom to one fantastic kid named "Ernie". He's great really. He also happens to have Aspergers, with a nice cocktail mix of ADHD/OCD and Seperation Anxiety. It makes life entertaining for sure!

It was through his special needs that I (re)found my love for arts and crafts. I spent some time in art school and have focused on my photography & design for many years.. but it wasn't until about a year again that I began crafting again. He responds to art, and it's been a wonderful bonding time for the both of us.

This past summer I (crazy!!) left my full time job as a store manager for a well known jr. retailer to homeschool him. I did it on faith and it's been a struggle ever since. I recently lost my only income in a part time job that I had when the company closed down-- it was through that and our current REAL brokeness (as I so lovingly love to refer to it) that I have decided to completely focus my extra time on DIYing and spreading the love for reducing, reusing, recycling and making things beautiful!

I hope you follow this blog and get some wonderful use out of it. Look for my Etsy store to be stocked very soon and feel free to share me with all of your friends and family.

If you have any questions about my life, my products or have any questions with any tutorials and products.. please feel free to email me at Artseediva@gmail.com.

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