Sunday, July 15, 2012

OOTD: Spring/Summer Casual Lunch Date

Yes.. I know, I know. This is another OOTD post. I have a crafting blog planned, but right now my crafting area is in the middle of utter chaos-- sooo.. that's to come at a later time and date.

Not going to get very wordy about this, just gonna show you what I wore:

Now.. I am well aware of how hot is is. But this blazer is my staple. I wear it OUT. I will cry the day I don't have it anymore. I got it from goodwill for $3

Just a few details of the skirt and top. The top is from Maurices & the skirt is from Torrid. Both are many seasons ago.

Just a better detail of the shoes. Yes, my toes are nasty. No, I don't really care. The shoes came from Payless.. I think they were $6

My date <3

Just for fun... my current hair in natural light.

Until Next time...
Be Crafty, Be Fab.. but be YOU!


  1. That is quite the handsome date! You look absolutely FABULOUS! Rock it girlfriend! ;)

  2. Thank ya ma'am... he suuuuure his the best date a girl could ask for. You never have to think of conversation because he's asking a million and ten questions!