Monday, January 9, 2012

OOTD? Sure!

So.. I really don't want to go on a rant as to why I feel lately, I have to defend the fact that I'm fat yet I don't wear sweats all day and eat ho ho's.. so.. that, mixed with the many requests I get on various social networks for pictures of some of my outfits-- I have decided to oblige.

I don't know how regular I will do this.. but I'd like to do it quite frequently for no reason other than it's an easy post that lets me kill a little bit of my boredom.

So.. here I am-- going.................. grocery shopping !

Oh yeah, so glam. Actually.. this is pretty darn casual for me. I'm not wearing much jewelry, and .... no makeup.


Alright internet world.

Casual Ash. Going grocery shopping. Practical... yet, A step up from th e sweats (hey.. the sweat pants DO exist.. and maybe one day I will feature the epic greantess that is my goodwill sweat pants).

The ring is from a flea market I think-- it was given to me in any case. The earrings are Claire's. Bag is Forever 21. Boots, I got for like 2.00 on a Claire's clearance.. yeah. Anyway. There it is in all it's glory. I probably would have put on makeup, had I planned to actually let the world see me.. but the photos were an after-thought.. so there.


Coming Up:
We swapped till we dropped.. check ours out and find out how you can throw a no budget party that gets you "new" stuff!

My no/low budget porch makeover. I did mine with things I had-- what can you do?

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