Sunday, July 15, 2012

OOTD: Spring/Summer Casual Lunch Date

Yes.. I know, I know. This is another OOTD post. I have a crafting blog planned, but right now my crafting area is in the middle of utter chaos-- sooo.. that's to come at a later time and date.

Not going to get very wordy about this, just gonna show you what I wore:

Now.. I am well aware of how hot is is. But this blazer is my staple. I wear it OUT. I will cry the day I don't have it anymore. I got it from goodwill for $3

Just a few details of the skirt and top. The top is from Maurices & the skirt is from Torrid. Both are many seasons ago.

Just a better detail of the shoes. Yes, my toes are nasty. No, I don't really care. The shoes came from Payless.. I think they were $6

My date <3

Just for fun... my current hair in natural light.

Until Next time...
Be Crafty, Be Fab.. but be YOU!

Sunday, July 8, 2012

OOTD: Dinner With The Family

I did something a little different this time with my OOTD. I filmed it.

Now.. I did this with the full intention of taking photos to accompany it... but alas, I forgot my good photo takin' camera... sooo you're stuck with the horrible quality video.

It was fun though, and I think I may do this format more often-- just with photos as well.

Here's the video-- hope you guys enjoy!