Saturday, June 16, 2012

OOTD: Pastel pencil skirt

Okay-- a little background before we begin.

This skirt is a (very exciting) thrift find from Goodwill. I have plans for this skirt, big plans.. and actually I have a whole series coming up and this is the first of that. I have quite a few thrift finds that I love (of course I do, I purchased them!) and I will be showing you how to style these in a very basic way. Not everyone has an unlimited line of credit or extra paychecks to buy all the hottest trends (myself included) and I feel that basic styling and a few main pieces go a long way.

I give you an office look.

I realize it isn't everyone's cuppa tea and most BBWs that I know will not wear a skirt that isn't loose.. but it's all a process. If you force yourself out of your comfort zone, you'll find out that what you thought to be so comfortable wasn't actually your "limit".

What you have here are some basic pieces. A white shirt with lace sleeves, my thrifted pastel skirt and some black heels.

If you're like me, you don't have an extensive shoe collection. I have about 4 wearable pairs of shoes that aren't my vans-- and even with those I only have 4 pair... so you're looking about a closet of less than 10 pairs of shoes. This is my only pair of black heels but they get the job done. I don't know the name, but I purchased them from Rack Room a few years ago when I had gainful employment that required nice shoes but equally required me to stand all day.

Jewelry I kept minimal. I personally love accessories and will pile them on until the cows come home (moo moo baby!) HOWEVER.. this is South Georgia and it's hot and humid and I wear cheap costume jewelry. That + Sweat is never pretty for my skin, the item or people looking at me.

I did want to show off something that is out of my usual way of styling. It was FREE from my semi annual accessory swap that I host!

It really helps bring in the whole outfit. As you could see from the first photo, I'm wearing a silver snakeskin print belt... so this bracelet and the way the light catches brings in every single color that I had on!

The belt is from Cato on clearance. I believe back when I got it I paid somewhere in the nature of $4.

So.. that was today's look. Very plain for me, but it's classy with a spark of jazzy. It's not everyone's cuppa tea, which means it's perfect for me!


  1. This outfit is super cute!! :) - Kelsey

  2. I was just going through your blog, and I came across this one and said "Ashley looks so crazy different here!" Your face is sooo much thinner now! I think you should do comparison pics in this skirt! ;)