Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Artsee Time: Scrapbook Coasters

Whats up all my lovely blogeoples!? <-- That's not even a cool made up word, kinda sad really. I'll do better, I gotta do better than that.

Here's a quick little, CHEAP project for you to do. It makes a fantastical gift, or something nice to brighten up your own abode.

It's... drumroll---------------------------------

So exiciting right???

Okay.. so anyway, 12 year old girl typing aside-- here's your supply list.

Modge Podge
Tile squares (literally >$1 at Lowe's!)
Paintbrush type of thing
Ruler of sorts
Marking tool
Paint (optional)
Decorative paper (or newspaper, ticket stubs, stickers.. whatever you want to use as your "coaster")
Felt or cork for the bottom of the tile

...and the photo proof that those are what you need!

Now.. as far as directions go, it's pretty simple. You measure your paper (being mindful of the actual image that will be on your coaster) to fit your tile piece. My tile was actually a teeeeeensy bit larger than 4x4. I wanted a slight lip around my paper because I chose a tile color that coordinated, so I decided to cut mine 4x4.

I do need to add here though, that if you want to paint a rim around your coaster now is the time to do it. I didn't take pictures of it, but I chose to paint a brown trim on the raw edges. The best part about this coated tile is that if you are fast with it, you can wipe it right off to get a clean finish.

Okay, so you're painted up and ready to rock and roll. What you want to do next is to coat your paper on the back with your Modge Podge and place it down.. then you want to coat the top as well. This is the part that would make having one of those scrapbooking rollers handy-- but I don't have one so I left that out :P

Awesome. Do that another time or two, until you are satisfied with your coating (I did a healthy coat the first time so I didn't need to do it twice)...

Now.. once it's dry, add your stoppers on the bottom. I will be E6000'ing some felt to the bottom because I forgot to do that.

Rock on crafty craftersons.. Rock On.


  1. Very nice!! I love your fabric choices!!

  2. Thanks! They are so fun to make, and the possibilities really are endless. I'm working on some now with the kiddo using some of his favorite stickers :)