Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Whatcha Got Cookin: Cheeeesy Chicken & Rice Casserole

Oooh Pinterest, How I love thee.

Here is a recipe that I tweaked after finding a version on everyone's favorite online corkboard. I took out a lot (because my household is picky) and used things that kept it gluten free (you'll soon learn that we are on the quest for gluten free-ness)

So, I give you the world's most flexible recipe. You can add what you want, take out what you want.. and eat it SO many ways. This is a brilliant dupe for Moe's Southwest Grill's burrio fillers if you choose to do so.. but half of the time we throw it in a bowl and call ourselves fed.

So.. here you have:
Black Beans
Shredded Chicken
Sour Cream
Not Pictured: Milk

So.. that's really it. One thing I love about this is that you can use leftover chicken if you want. You could use beef. You can do WHATEVA YOU WANT ! !!

I don't measure, so that's a downfall of sharing I suppose, but aside from the chicken that is under everything else, you can pretty much eyeball it. I used a whole bag of cheese (the standard bag).. but I kept about half out to cover it with before cooking.

So thaar she blows. Not the most elegant presentation (as the photos were a last minute thought).. and YES I USE FOIL ON EVERYTHING !!! 111!! :D

I also did A poor job at foiling my pan, but dang we were hungry and things like that can't wait.

So.. there it is, ready to eat however you choose. We ate it in bowls for lunch, and make tacos out of it for dinner. It's cheap, easy, and gluten free.

Some ideas to make it better?
Add in some of the following:
Cook tortilla chips into it

You get the idea.. we went with what we had, because it was lunch as big girls can't wait for some grub... plus, the child won't let you forget he's hungry, until he's no longer hungry.

Let me know if you cook this, I'd love to hear what YOUR family put in it & how it turned out! :)

Rock On & Peace Out,
xoxo Ash

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