Thursday, June 28, 2012

OOTD: Errand Runnin' Casual

Everyone has those days.
I just have them more than the average gal.
You don't want to put forth effort, but you're running errands that at least require you to look like something that DIDN'T wake up in a crypt 50 years ago.

I present to you my latest OOTD. This day we were doing a few paperwork errands, going to hit up the goodwill, medicine gettin'.. you know.. the usual errand greatness.

This outfit has a few awesome things about it. It's not the world's most fantastic OUTFIT.. but the pieces are some of my favorite things to play around with and use.

So there's the overview of the outfit. Minimal accessories (which is my usual during the summer.. I've already mentioned that)... but I love my earrings. The fact that they were only a dollar on clearance make them even more awesome in my book.

My skinny jeans are my FAVORITE (and only pair of jeans.. I have one more but they are my painting/crafting jeans). I love them though and am sad that I can't find these exact ones right now. I got them from JCPenny about 6 months ago. They were $24!! I love that JCP changed their prices (even though I'm too broke to partake).. and while they aren't the best quality, I love them. They feel fantastic, they have stretch to them and they are a good 60% less than what I'm accustomed to paying for jeans.

The top is from Torrid, some odd years ago. I'll go with 3-4. It's strapless... but it has POCKETS. Heck yeah! I got it on clearance.. I'd venture that I paid too much for it. Probably $26 dollars or so.

The lace cardigan (I guess it qualifies?) is from TJMaxx. It's been probably a year or more... but I wear this poor thing out. It's perfect for these tops like this that expose areas that I don't want to expose. I got it on clearance (are you shocked?). I am pretty sure it was $12.

Ok.. now for some details:

Very few sparkles today. My ring is hella old. It was $1 from Claires on the 10 for 10 sale. If you hit up claires, wait and hit it up when that sale is on. Take it from someone who worked there. That's all the stuff is worth, but when you hit it.. you can rack up. The bracelet is part of a set. I honestly think it was from Claire's too (give me a break man.. I had to wear 5 pieces every day... I have a lot of Claire's crap!). This is the only one that fit around my fat hand, but I like that it's the hammered metal effect. I only wore one.. because well, it's summer and my skin and sweat and fake metal don't mix. My earrings are from Rue21, $2!

I know you guys love my feet shots of my beautifully non-pedicure havin' feet. These shoes, I hate. Alas... they were all I had available to my outfit at the moment. It's not that they are horribly ugly, they just don't feel like me. I may tear them apart at some point and stud them and do a DIY on it... but that's in the very late future ;) They came from Shoe Dept on sale for $6! I only purchased them because my favorite white sandals broke while I was working... so they were needed. I wear them from time to time though.

SO there you have it. A very casual day out with the family, running errands.

Till next time!

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