Monday, June 18, 2012

OOTD: Basically.. it's just a dress

Sometimes you just don't want to put effort into what you wear.. but what do you do when you're running errands and your only pair of jeans are in stand up on their own territory until laundry day??

You wear a cute dress.

This dress came from Cato last season. Oh maaa gaaawww.. she's so not on trend! Who cares? I wear what I want.. and this was the quickest, no fuss.. no need for undergarments.. no tugging.. easy, breezy (if we had one) kinda outfit that I could choose. The dress, I want to say, was around $20 on clearance.

Flipper to you then! I don't care! :D

This dress is fun.. and with effort it can really be jazzed up. I knew I had a day of appointments and errands so I tried to keep it as easy as possible. The hair actually ended up halfway through the day, but hey.. buns are cute too.

I paired the dress with some random bracelets that I usually always have on. They are brown and gold.. and just kinda there. I wasn't going after a beauty award.. just an award that wouldn't end up on People of Walmart.

For shoes.. again, keeping it basic.

Don't hate on my horrid feet. They need pedicured and repainted.. but that's what happens when you slap some on in the dark trying to get by. I think I'll show them some pedi love tonight actually.

These sandles are also from Cato (sooo weird, I hardly shop there!). I got them last year for full price, so we'll hiccup around $16 or so. They are cute and go with a lot.. I have worn them down though and they aren't quite the comfortable sandals they used to be. I do put a lot of weight on them though.

So there you have. Quick, easy no fuss outfit. Nothing fancy or super trendy.. but that's okay. Don't feel bad if you don't put a lot into your look... because at least you put SOMETHING into it. Some people really think that pj pants and slippers are okay (not that I haven't been guilty!).


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