Tuesday, May 1, 2012

How Does Your Garden Grow?

with silver bells and... So folks, how's life? Long time no update.. but that seems to be a running theme around these parts. I see all these blogs that are just fixed up like a BOSS.. and I can't quite get there. I want everything under one roof and that's hard to do you know? Anyway.. so, new news.. I'm starting my first ever GARDEN. Yup. I'm getting my fat behind out in the yard for some manual labor and I'm gonna grow me some clean, fresh organic goods. As of now I'm still in the digging/weeding/grassing part.. but I do have a before picture to show you, and then hopefully tomorrow I'll have a "area dug up and ready for planting" picture.. and then well, you get the idea ;)
and of course... my kiddo cutting first ground
So anyway.. we're gonna plant some fun stuff.. and we got gifted a whole ton of herbs, so I will be posting up a list of everything we plant and whatnot along with photos... hopefully soon!

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